Western Holster, Revolver Holsters and Gun Belts

Are you looking for a new rig? Well you have come to the right place. Below you will find a selection of custom designed gun leather, hand crafted in the traditions of the Old West. Cowboy Action Holsters, Western Holster Rigs, Revolver Holsters are available in single, double and crossdraw configurations. All rigs are cut from high quality leather, fully lined and hand stitched.

Dye is hand rubbed into the leather to give it a deep rich color. Then a coating of Olive Oil is added to help soften the leather. Finally the leather is sealed with a covering of acrylic based top finish to protect and lock in the color.

Stamping patterns shown are a guide and applied to items based on space and tightness of curves to provide the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. Stamping may vary.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. All of our products are custom made and are started when you place the order.

The Bear Fighter

He had the best hand of cards since he had ridden into this one horse town. He smiles and throws another stack of chips into the pile and calls. The grungy drovers across the table frown and throw down their cards. One of them abruptly stands up, knocking over his chair and yells "Cheat!" Unfortunately, for him the Gambler anticipated his move and has already drawn both of his pearl handled colts from the holsters. The drover goes pale.

Always go into the game well healed. The Bear Fighter is the rig for the Gambler and well dressed Eastern Dandy.

The Grizzly Hunter

The Marshal quietly gestures to his Deputy to go on around back of the livery stable. The Deputy nods and disappears into the shadows. Seconds later, the Marshal moves out into the open ground in front of the livery and yells for Montana and his brother, Jim, to come out with their hands up. A Winchester is cocked inside the stable and two men charge through the open doors toward the Marshal with their weapons drawn. In the blink of an eye both men are gunned down. The Marshal stares at them for a minute and then slowly drops his Peacemaker back into the holster.

Whether you're a hired gun or a law dawg, you need the speed and reliability of the Grizzly Hunter.

The Grizzly Fighter

The gunslinger strides into the crowded saloon and calls out in a loud gravelly voice, the name of a free ranger he had been hired to kill. The roar of the saloon grows silent. The eyes of the gunslinger slowly scan the room looking for his prey. At a table near the back of the hall, a large man calmly shoves his chair back and stands to face him. The gunslinger reaches down, releases the hammer thong holding his revolver firmly in the holster, and awaits the ranger's next move.

If you're going to call a man out, then you need the Grizzly Fighter or the only place in history you will hold is an unmarked grave in Boot Hill.

The Bear Hunter

For three long weeks, he had trailed the infamous train robber through the badlands. It was nearing midnight when the Bounty Hunter spotted a smoldering campfire at the edge of a ravine. He tied off his horse, checked his weapons, and quietly made his way down to the camp. The wanted man looks up from his plate of beans and stares out into the darkness. He senses that something is different. He stands up and reaches for his gun.

Bounty Hunters and Lawmen can trust the strength and rugged design of the Bear Hunter.

The Grizzly Fighter 1911

The last bank job had not gone well. The survivors had escaped across the border only find that they had a bag full of slugs for their trouble. Retirement was now out of the question, one more job. Stealing a shipment of weapons might do the trick.

The Grizzly Dead or Alive

Randall had tracked his old friend the Sheriff finding him by a campfire in the hills just outside of town. Both men stared not sure if the other was going to draw first. Randallís hand hovered over the Mareís Leg hanging at his side. The Sheriff thought better of it, smiled and carefully handed over his gun in hopes of a peaceful end to the standoff and maybe get some help from the bounty hunter.

The Grizzly Foreman

The Ranch Hands were right out in the open in plain sight of a small group of well healed rustlers until the Foreman came along. Drawing his Mareís Leg from its holster he shouted for the men to take cover and opened fire catching the thieves by surprise.

Grizzly Gambler

The game ended abruptly in an exchange of poetic and surly disparaging remarks. A sudden shove back from the table brings the gamblers face to face across the disputed pile of winnings, both reaching for their firearms.

Concealed under a dress coat or right out in the open over a vest, the Grizzly Gambler is the perfect addition to your next poker game.

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